A New Administration, A Familiar Frustration

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While the Biden administration takes office in a lavish inauguration ceremony surrounded by national guard, UNDM will be hard at work organizing tenants against evictions in working-class communities. We will not find any friends in the White House after January 20th 2021, just like we had none before, because we are here to defend the homes and families of workers and not the profits of landlords and developers who staff Biden’s cabinet. Liberal pundits and so-called “progressive” politicians may applaud the Biden administration for pushing legislation to ease the burden of renters and homeowners but these plans will not help renters facing eviction here and now. The administration’s promises of opportunities for home ownership, and increased access to loans are only symbolic reforms to a broken system. Regardless of who is in office we will still be evicted and displaced!

Through canvassing working-class neighborhoods, UNDM chapters across the nation have united with tenants in struggles against evictions. What tenants demand is for their back rent to be waived, and for the state to pick up the tab! The Biden administration will not save our homes or neighborhoods, it’s still up to us to organize and fight! Their plan for stopping evictions is merely to give legal counsel to those facing eviction, while “encouraging” local governments to set up programs to support tenants who are struggling to stay in their homes. As always, “elected representatives” who promise to bring change still uphold the same system. Well, what can we expect from an administration that is chosen by  and from the ruling class?

The Biden administration appointment for secretary of Housing and Urban Development is Marcia Fudge, an Ohio representative from a suburb of Shaker Heights. She has nominally supported movements related to civil rights such as Black Lives Matter, but she is part of the problem . She, like all other “progressive”-sounding capitalist politicians, ultimately cannot guaruntee safe and affordable housing. It’s not a matter of policy, it’s a matter of capitalist economics that sell housing like any other commodity. Her position makes her responsible for ensuring an adequate supply of affordable housing across the country, but how can anyone make that a reality when housing is sold like a commodity under capitalism, beholden to profits of the capitalists and not the needs of the people? The truth is, we all know that no one who serves the ruling class is ever going solve our housing crisis. We need an organization of the people to create the solution for themselves! 

As the ruling class government continues to push symbolic reforms and fight amongst themselves for control, UNDM will continue our work of organizing and uniting the people against the broken housing system that destroys our communities and displaces our people. We cannot allow liberal reforms to take away momentum from our movement. Our goal remains the same no matter who’s in office. No politician will defend our neighborhoods, it is up to us to organize and fight!

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