Tenants speak out against racist CP Development

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Racist slumlords CP Development evicted a Black working class tenant and her family on November 25th, the day before Thanksgiving. CP Development has a clause in their lease that allows for tenants to be evicted if the police are called or a certain number of complaints are filed against a tenant, often resulting in black tenants being evicted due to unfounded complaints from racist neighbors. The current CDC moratorium does not protect against evictions of this nature.

UNDM activists, tenants, and neighbors formed an Anti-Eviction Squad that camped out all day on November 24th, when the eviction was slated to take place. CP saw them out there, and worked it out to reschedule the eviction to the next morning, without notifying the tenant, in a shady move to work around the Anti-Eviction Squad, which was organized and trained to keep the tenant in her home. In response, on December 1st, the UNDM rallied with local residents outside Kelsey Patterson’s home, the heiress to CP Development, to hold fight back against this cruel eviction practice. In addition, they have started a fundraiser that is covering the cost of temporary housing and relocation for the tenant.

This move is unsurprising of CP Development, who have a long history of being racist, harassing tenants who complain or organize against the slum conditions, and who are making moves to gentrify the western portion of Wilkinsburg that borders Pittsburgh. Tenants and activists from the UNDM started organizing against CP last spring, and have since been targeted by CP (namely Kelsey Patterson) with violence, property damage, stalking, harassment, and threats of legal action. This of course has not stopped the neighborhood from fighting back, but has instead inspired the community to come together, to fight together, and to defend the neighborhood from eviction and gentrification.

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