November 1st National Day of Action Calls For Organization Against Upcoming Eviction Crisis!

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UNDM members across the U.S. rallied on Sunday morning, November 1st 2020 to launch their campaign for a nation-wide day of action to take place on January 1st, 2021–the day back-rent is due after the federal eviction moratorium ends. Just days away from federal elections, UNDM invites those who are disillusioned with electoral politics to take community defense into their own hands. No election will defend our homes, and no politician will stop evictions, displacement, or gentrification, it’s up to us to organize and fight! We have two simple demands (1) No Rent Without Work or Wages and (2) Waive the Back-Rent!

San Marcos (Texas)

In San Marcos, we held a small rally at the Florencia Villa Apartments and spoke with the tenants about forming Anti-Eviction Squads, the need to organize our communities, and on the nationwide housing struggle.

Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)

We led a rally outside the home of Christine Ward, a self-proclaimed “progressive” judge who ruled in favor of a landlord and shamelessly evicted tenants from Valmar Gardens, a working-class community in Penn Hills, PA.

Los Angeles (California)

We reached out to community members in their cars with Halloween music and candy bags. UNDM rolled up in their cars covered in UNDM demands like “Waive the Back Rent!/ No Renta Atrasada!” and spoke to community members outside a Food 4 Less parking lot in South Central and at Plaza Mexico in Lynwood.


In Austin, we held a speak-out and banner drop on the highway. Tenants delivered speeches discussing the importance of getting organized and fighting back against evictions as well as why they choose to fight alongside the community and don’t put their faith in politicians or reforms to fix the issues of gentrification, displacement, and housing generally. Tenants delivered their speeches with a backdrop of banners reading “No Politician Will Keep Us in Our Homes” and “Organize and Fight Against Evictions” as well as a banner with UNDM ATX and @ that was spray-painted by a supporter.

Charlotte (North Carolina)

In Charlotte, supporters canvassed and agitated at the Nia Point complex where tenants have been facing eviction. Newsletters were handed out and tenants voiced support for a banner to be hung at the leasing office, the banner reads “LANDLORDS FEAR ORGANIZED TENANTS. FIGHT BACK AGAINST EVICTION!”.

Across the nation we are preparing for the surge of evictions expected to come at the end of the year. We know that landlords, cops, judges, and the government do not care about the families they’re evicting, for them, this economic crisis is a bump in the road, but for us it’s our lives. We refuse to be kicked out of our homes and we refused to see our neighbors kicked out! We know come January 1st and the end of the CDC moratorium that landlords are going to be quick on the trigger to evict loads of tenants that either couldn’t pay or are on rent strike. That’s why UNDM is calling for a National Day of Action on January 1st, 2021.

Organize your neighbors for a National Day of Action January 1st, 2021!

Uphold the Rent Strike and Fight for Tenant Demands!

Organize and Fight Back Against Evictions!

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