INTERVIEW: Tenant Speaks on the Fight in Valmar Gardens

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Interview with Andre part 1
Interview with Andre part 2

Meet Andre, a tenant in Penn Hills, PA at Valmar Gardens.

After years of this disinvestment and ownership changes, the tenants decided to take matters into their own hands and perform all maintenance, lawn care, and run the trash and utilities in their names. One Valmar tenant told UNDM, “There ain’t no landlord here. This is OUR home and we’re going to stay.”

On June 19, otherwise known as Juneteenth, the water was shut off by the new landlord, BTCTC LLC, and was condemned that day. Thirty police officers and the Penn Hills sheriff showed up on June 19th, a revered holiday in the Black community, to evict all of the tenants. The cops back the slumlords and carry out their dirty work. Evictions are police terror!

BDCTC LLC’s lawyer, Jason Greenwald, is the only face that tenants can associate with their landlord. Greenwald showed up on the property on July 30 in attempt to intimidate tenants once again. Tenants were told that they would be evicted “involuntarily” after August 31 unless they wrote a proposal for why they should remain at Valmar and defend their position in court.

The courts protect the ruling class and not the working class and oppressed people of our society. Valmar Gardens tenants know full well that they will decide when they leave the property and that they have the support of UNDM and broader community. 

Valmar tenants have stood up and are fighting back. Join the fight at Valmar Gardens as they fight for their home in the midst of this economic crisis.

Fight back against slumlords!
Resist Evictions!

Donate here to the Valmar Tenants Defense Fund:

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