July 1st, National Rent Strike Day of Action

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On July 1st, United Neighborhood Defense Movement is calling for a National Rent Strike Day of Action! We call on organizations across the country to host demonstrations and agitate in the neighborhoods where rent strikes are happening. If no rent strikes are happening where you are, agitate on the need for rent strikes, and to support them nationally. Photograph and document anything you do in support of this day of action and send it to us so we can promote it!

The new economic depression has left much of the working class jobless and unable to pay rent, but that hasn’t stopped landlords from trying to collect rent and attempt to evict tenants if they can’t pay. The CARES Act’s ban on evictions has no enforcement measures, and local governments are looking the other way as landlords threaten and harass their tenants. The only protection the working class has is through organizing rent strikes to land a blow against the landlords that exploit us, and organized eviction defense when the landlord tries to strike back.

When local eviction restrictions end, we can expect waves of evictions, and these evictions will especially target Black, Chicano and immigrant tenants who are already facing the worst effects of job and wage cuts. We will not stand by as police are called to our doors and let ourselves be forcibly kicked out one by one, but that means we have to get organized now for rent strikes and to defend against evictions.

Rent strikes are active in most major cities in the US, and defense against evictions is successfully being carried out, with Los Angeles having several very public evictions that were shut down by organized people unafraid to stand up to parasitic landlords and their enforcers in blue.

Make July 1st a day landlords don’t soon forget!

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