Chapter Highlight: San Marcos

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Our current work is focused on defending our homes that are under the threat of eviction due to both landlords demanding rent during the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing gentrification. Texas State University is the main contributor to gentrification and displacement in San Marcos, threatening predominantly historic Chicano and Black communities in order to cater to a new wave of luxury student living, as the population in San Marcos continues to rise. 

The new amenities that are aimed to cater to students have been raising nearby neighborhood property taxes, and have made San Marcos a drastically more expensive city to live in. As United Neighborhood Defense Movement, we plan to challenge all city council representatives, interest groups, and individuals enabling the displacement of our communities, as they often see these historic neighborhoods as gold mines to profit from.

Currently, we hold self-defense and eviction-defense trainings where we invite neighbors to join us in learning how to resist an eviction, whether directly by landlords or maintenance. We have held demonstrations at San Marcos City Hall to raise awareness of the rent strike.

We reach out to our communities through canvassing and community events in the areas where we know long-standing working people of San Marcos live. We aim to recruit, educate, and organize our fellow tenants and residents of San Marcos into a strong force to defend our communities.

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