Regent Square Tenants in Pittsburgh Won’t Back Down!

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In Pittsburgh, tenants of Regent Square won’t back down! On June 20, we posted demands on the office of corrupt property manager Kelsey Patterson- calling that she and her accomplice, Bryan Wise, be immediately fired. The demands were followed by speeches and chants to highlight the Patterson’s role in furthering gentrification in the area.

Kelsey, her father Peter Patterson (who owns Regent Square), and employee Bryan Wise have been relentlessly targeting tenants of their own building. They’ve even posted pictures of tenant activists encouraging people to rat them out to the police. The local cops are working so closely with these slumlords that they’ve sent plainclothes cops to tail tenants suspected of organizing!

But with all her police protection and intimidation – Kelsey wouldn’t even come out of the office during the Saturday action. 

Kelsey Patterson, like rotten landlords and property managers everywhere, knows exactly what she’s doing. There is no excuse for pricing people out of their homes, calling Black community members “crackheads” and viewing them as disposable or something to be “cleaned up.” We will continue to confront her for keeping her father’s tenants in unhealthy living conditions, refusing to even address our demands, posting up campaigns signs for pro-gentrification candidates, and retaliating against tenants for wanting better living conditions. Kelsey has got to go!

Tenants in Pittsburgh are courageously fighting back and strengthening their community against future attacks!

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