A New Organization Ready to Fight for Working Class Homes and Communities!

We are proud to announce the launch of United Neighborhood Defense Movement (UNDM)!

UNDM exists to defend working class housing and neighborhoods. We are committed to fighting for the interests of the working class in all manifestations of the housing struggle. We will organize the people to improve our living conditions and defend against displacement in the form of evictions, mass displacement, and the process of gentrification.

We’ve have formed chapters in Los Angeles, Austin, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and San Marcos, with plans to expand to other cities, and invite others who seek to defend their neighborhoods from slum conditions, displacement, and gentrification to join us. If you’re somewhere without a chapter, contact us to learn more about how to start one.

The housing struggle can not be limited to just one neighborhood, or one city, or even one state – it must be united across all of these in order to take on the forces that toy with our homes, communities, and lives!

Our organization is guided by the fact that the root of the housing issues that afflict the working class is the capitalist system. Capitalism will never provide what the working class needs, because it depends on the exploitation of the working class and the disruption of our lives through substandard and unstable housing conditions.

We will train and prepare the community to rely on itself and struggle to meet its needs, rather than relying on the very system that leaves us with nothing.

We are against conciliation and collaboration with the ruling class, we are against anything that leads to capitulating to their interests against our own. There can be no peace between the classes, this principle forms the foundation of our approach.

The working class are those who make the world function yet do not currently decide how it is run, because we don’t own the factories, banks, transportation systems, land, etc… What is called ‘ownership’ for the working class is a mere illusion, not only because the majority of us rent where we live in our society, but what little ‘ownership’ we have access to, such as owning a home, is entirely subject to the whims of capital, and can be stripped away at any point, as the 2008 recession showed.

Our goal is not home ownership for all, but power for the working class to decide how we live and where we live, collectively as a class and society. Housing should be collectively owned, managed, and built for the most benefit to those who live within them. Housing is a people’s right, and should not be cause for private profiteering.

If the people of a community demand to stay, we will fight as hard and long as possible to uphold this demand, and will not allow self-appointed mediators and servants of the ruling class who parachute in to subdue our rebellion. It is through intense struggles that our communities can preserve and continue to exist, without struggle gentrification can move quickly, and the communities we know and love are scattered to the winds.

Historical systems built on the racist ideas employed by the capitalists have created disproportionate effects on communities of Black people, Chicanos, and working class immigrants, making those of us from those communities some of the most targeted for sub-standard housing, ghettoization and gentrification in major US cities. Continuing racism, in the form of police brutality, is used to keep the most exploited of all workers in line and obedient. It further serves to divide the class and pit worker against worker along racial lines, distracting the people from seeing who is really profiteering from our misery.

The current crisis of capitalism demands greater unity and preparation. With levels of unemployment unseen since the Great Depression working people, especially Black people, Chicanos and immigrants will soon be facing massive waves of evictions. We will organize and fight as hard as we can to stay in our homes.

We will be having a national conference this year to come to a greater national unity, and struggle over our political line and organizational structure. If your organization wants to attend or get involved, email us at undm@protonmail.com Together, a united working class can be a force to resist capitalism’s control over our communities!

Fight Back Against Landlords, Slum Conditions, Developers, Gentrification, and Displacement for gains that we can defend long-term!

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