Chapter Highlight: Austin

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Austin’s primary work is in the Riverside area and Springdale Gardens apartments – both Black and Chicano working-class neighborhoods in the city.  We have tenants on rent strike in both these areas as well as scattered throughout the city. Springdale Gardens and Spanish Trails Apartments have consolidated demands, tenants in the other apartments are working on that. Many Spanish Trails tenants have now moved out as planned since they’d previously signed leases at other places, but they were all able to get out without paying rent or back rent and with no evictions on their records. 

We canvass and hold tenant meetings regularly and are working on re-flyering the areas we organize in with prop connecting eviction defense and police violence.  These flyers will include the phone number for a designated hotline that we’re starting, so people can call to join eviction defense brigades or call us to back them up in defending against an eviction.

We have an upcoming day of agitation for eviction defense which will happen simultaneously with a bake sale to raise money for tenants who are struggling.  We plan to start doing these more regularly. We have citywide eviction defense trainings weekly, and every other week eviction defense trainings specifically for Riverside. 

We have also been preparing for an action where demands are presented at the offices of some Presidium properties (the owner of the majority of the apartments we organize in Riverside) on the national UNDM day of action July 1st as well as a march against evictions on July 5th

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